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About the test

We provide a service for predicting the ability of your embryos to implant.

For Patient

Our procedures are completely safe and with no side effects for your embryo.

For Clinic

We test the culture media for special signals produced by the embryo indicating their ability to implant.



As the ConceptEasy test only uses the embryo culture media where the embryos were grown till they were transferred or cry-preserved, the test is non-invasive to the embryos or the mother.   

Quick results

Even though the ConceptEasy test is a cell culture-based assay, results are provided in 14 business days. This enables your IVF practitioner to take decisions on embryo transfer quickly.

Saves money

ConceptEasy test minimizes the number of attempts needed before a successful pregnancy. It also has an affordable price.


The test and related technology are based on the published research and a US patent.

Parenthood at ease

Reduces the time taken to become pregnant and overcomes the psycho-social impact on families due to infertility.  

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