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Frequently asked questions

Is the procedure safe?

ConceptEasy is a non-invasive test. It brings no harm to your embryo. We only analyze the leftover media from your embryos. Hence, we do not touch your embryos at all. During normal IVF procedures, the IVF leftover media is usually discarded and destroyed.

Is the ConceptEasy test for me?

If you are going through an artificial fertilization process (IVF or ICSI), then we can help you to increase your chance of conception. Our technology allows you to select the best quality embryo. This will maximize the chance of you becoming pregnant by selecting the best quality embryo for transfer.

How quickly will I get results?

The test results are sent to your doctor in 14 working days from the time ConceptEasy laboratory received your sample.

Will I get pregnant?

As the embryo implantation is influenced by factors such as endometrial receptivity, the ConceptEasy test cannot guarantee the occurrence of pregnancy. However, it does give your doctor guidance regarding which embryo to be prioritized when transferring.

Will Concepteasy know my identity?

Samples are anonymised and handled in a coded manner, without using patient names, when shipped to the Concepteasy laboratory. Therefore, no personal data or documents are attached to the shipment of the samples to the laboratory. After the test, the test results will be sent to the Fertility clinic using the codes. Therefore, the laboratory is blind to patient identity.

How can I get the ConceptEasy test?

ConceptEasy test has proven itself lately. The number of our partner clinics increases constantly. If your clinic is not offering the test yet, please contact us and we will find the best solution for you.

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